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Comparative Evaluation of Surface Hardness and Accuracy of 3D-Printed DLP Model Resin Materials

1Saja Ali Muhsin, PhD
1Department of Prosthetic Dental Techniques, College of Health and Medical Techniques, Middle Technical University, Baghdad, Iraq.
Corresponding author: Saja Ali Muhsin
E. mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Received 26 March 2023.
Accepted for publication on May 21, 2023.
Published September 12, 2023.

Background It seems that the effect of three-dimensional DLP printing parameters on the surface hardness of printed model resins is neglected. Objectives The objective of the present study is to investigate and assess the surface hardness and dimensional accuracy of two different DLP model resin materials printed using one 3D printer machine. Materials and Methods Two different DLP 3D-printing resins were used to prepare a total of 20-disc specimens of (20×5)mm diameter and thickness respectively of (SENERTEK, Turkey), and (HARZ Labs, Russian) in addition to (CREALITY, China) as a control group (n=10). All specimens were printed using one 3D printer (CREALITY, HALOT, China) followed by the measuring of surface hardness (Shore D, China) and dimensional accuracy (Digital Vernier, China). Results ANOVA (Tukey HSD, post hoc) test was used for data analysis at a significant level of (P≤0.05). There was a significant difference in the surface hardness and dimensional accuracy of studied 3D-printed DLP model resins (P≤0.05). Conclusion Compared with CREALITY resin, the highest surface hardness was noticed in the experimental group of HARZ Labs followed by SENERTEK DLP model resins. All the DLP 3D-printed resin materials used in this study showed unstable dimensions when printed using the CREALITY HALOT printer machine.

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