Membership of the IAOR is open to anybody who has an interest in oral and craniofacial research in Iraq.

Please go to the IADR Membership Site. To join the IAOR, you will automatically become a member of the IAOR if your address is in Iraq.

If your primary address is not in Iraq, then after joining the IADR, please email Ms. Marissa Naspinski, IAOR Membership Benefits Coordinator, with a request to join the Iraqi Division. If you have further questions please e-mail:


1. Active member:
A person who is conducting, or has conducted, or who is interested in the furtherance of research in any branch of science or in fields related to dental science. Members shall have the full rights and privileges of membership and are eligible to vote in the Association.

2. Affiliate member:
A person who is not involved in research but has an interest in keeping up with the latest research, e.g. a practicing dentist or a member of the general public. Affiliate members will enjoy all the benefits, rights and privileges of the Section and Association, but will have no vote.

3. Retired member:

A person who has been a member of the Section in good standing for at least 25 years, and no longer works on a full-time basis for remuneration. The Retired Member shall have all the rights and privileges of membership but shall receive the Journal of Dental Research only upon payment of the Journal Subscription Fee.

4. Honorary Membership:
The Section may each year elect one Honorary Member who is not a member of the Section. Honorary Members shall normally be selected on the basis of the candidate’s significant contribution to, or support of, dental research in South Africa. Honorary Members shall have the rights and privileges within the Section as determined by the Section. Honorary Membership shall not be conferred posthumously.

5. Student Membership:
A person who is an undergraduate or a postgraduate student currently enrolled in a recognised academic institution who does not hold an academic appointment and who is interested in dental research. Student Members must become Members when eligible or be dropped from membership.
Individuals may be classified at the Student level for no more than 8 years. The Student Member shall have all the rights and privileges of membership but shall have no vote.










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